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Chapter 5: Manage Charts

Topic 5A: Insert a Chart Topic 5B: Modify Chart Data Topic 5C: Chart Elements Topic 5D: Format Chart

Chapter 4: Perform Operations by using Formulas and Functions

Topic 4A: Relative, Absolute and Mixed References Topic 4B: Name Manager in Formulas and Functions Topic 4C: Calculate and Transform Data ...

Chapter 3: Manage Tables and Table Data

Topic 3A: Create a Table Topic 3B: Modify Table Rows or Columns Topic 3C: Configure Table Styles Topic 3D: Convert Tables to Cell Ranges ...

Chapter 1 Manage Worksheets and Workbooks

Topic 1A: Import Data into Workbooks Topic 1B: Navigating Within a Workbook Topic 1C: Formatting Worksheets Topic 1D: Customize Options ...

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